Five Types of Data That Should be Backed Up Regularly

Published: 25th January 2008
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The lack of durability of many data storage devices is a scenario which necessitates that each and every data entered into the personal computer (PC) should be protected, but paucity of time makes such a task arduous. In these circumstances, it is of paramount importance that every pc user should first take time to identify the important information contained in the hard disk. Such data should be regularly protected by creating a backup for it at frequent short intervals. This job is mundane, yet its significance demands your personal attention.

Usually, the pc at home contains precious personal data like the family photographs, which are priceless in their value. Every photo placed in the hard disk, should have a backup version of it; for the conventional photo albums are no longer in use.

Hard Disks have Substituted Photo Albums & Keyboards Replaced Pens

By choosing to store photos on computers rather than the traditional picture albums, we have selected convenience over safety. Any problem of the pc that might result in the failure of the hard disk or data corruption would inevitably lead to a loss of all the photographs.

I, therefore, make it a compulsory practice to create a backup for all the family pictures, for they are simply invaluable. Pictures trap the essence and beauty of the moment and once it is lost, it can never be retaken. They are memories of times gone by. Photographs weave a saga of our family history, relationships, and traditions and are a record of the (good) times we have enjoyed in life. Such valuable portraits require protection.

Another similar such record of personal events of life, (which can also be called an unpublished autobiography of a person) is the personal diary. Gone are the days when diary writing meant inking down important events on paper. The paperless environment we operate in has replaced pens with keyboards. Diaries are also irreplaceable, and once lost, they can never be reconstructed. Journals are records of personal events in life. They help us trace our spiritual, psychological and academic progress we make in the journey of life. Such a record has to be personally protected.

Apart from such personal information, computers also contain important business data especially for people who work from home. Every work-related transaction takes place through email and a backup has to be created for these commercial proceedings.

Important Business Data Needs a Backup

In the year 2005, the official figure of people who worked from home in the UK, stood at 3.1 million and another 1 million were found to be occasional home workers. If you are one such business entrepreneur who operates from home, your business orders will definitely be online through email. In the event of a computer failure, the absence of past records will virtually halt your business. Create a regular backup for your emails and other financial statements kept stored on your hard disk rather than attempting retrieval of lost data.

Creating a backup for information is a necessity of the computing age we are in. The fruits of our hard work and effort are in electronic form and are prone to get lost at the most unexpected of moments. None can empathise more with this fact than writers whose computers contain voluminous work. Any hardware or software-related problem might result in the wiping off of the varied e-books, articles, poems, etc, that have been generated over hours of intense effort.

Creating a backup in the home computer is not an extensive process, yet people think about it only after experiencing data loss. One automated and easy manner of creating a regular backup for all the data is using the online data backup method. The service providers provide specialised backup software, which routinely copies all the important data and transmits it to a secure location using the internet connection. This software can also be used for creating a copy of your MP3 songs, games and other video clips that you have downloaded from the internet over a period of time.

However, while creating a backup of your data, remember one important principle: backups are effective only if they are done regularly.

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